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    Some 20 years ago I had an almost child dream to synthesize diamonds.  Like many Bulgarians at that time I worked not what I was trained for but drove a taxi cab.  The hardships of life made me realize that if I tried, one day my dream would come true. As I was waiting for customers, I imagined different makes of super-high pressure chambers.  It was long before I had a picture of the working device and then I prayed to God. . Shortly after I had an idea of a working chamber. I made a wood model to see how it would look like. As a second step I made a metal model.  After several unsuccessful attempts I designed a chamber of a hard alloy.

   The device worked.  I achieved the required pressures and temperature needed to synthesize diamonds with their own structure. I synthesized my first artificial diamonds. Even today I am grateful to V. Vassilev, the manager of the Contact M company and of the Space Research Institute with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for letting me visit as a friend the different laboratories. I sent one of my first samples to the Super-High Pressures Institute in Troitsk in Russia whose director was V.D. A couple of weeks later I got a reply saying that there ware no diamonds in one of the samples for I had not maintained the temperature required; however, the other sample while it contained diamonds of which I got photos, contained some unidentified substances which they could not remove.  The problem was that the Institute never before had obtained such substances at such conditions of super-high pressure and temperature. As I worked further, I discovered crystal lattices that neither the colleagues in Troitsk nor the BAS researchers had ever come upon. It appeared it was a result of the far higher pressures and temperatures that I had maintained in comparison to the technologies and experiments in different institutes and companies.

    No one was serious about my tests and therefore, no one was willing to invest in the project. That is why I had to make a new super-high pressure chamber to sinter diamond segments for different cutting and polishing tools. My first experimental tools  had excellent quality that a market had never seen so far but the prices were very high. The experience had gained and the practical solutions enabled my by and by to start a batch production of quality tools of excellent quality. The tools have been marketed for several years now in Italy and Switzerland and and are on the top list of companies that offer and sell them.

    Today our tools are used to solve the gravest problems in the construction of rods, metro lines, in civil engineering, stone cutting industry, mining and drilling.  We do our best to maintain an invariable good quality so as to make our tools cost effective and competitive. Try and see for yourselves.

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