About Hyper Segment Ltd. provides and recycles diamond core drills with new own technology with no analogy in Bulgaria and in the world. Our products have got a wide spectrum of use. Our production has got a high permanent quality and attractive prices. Sizes of our core drills are from D5 to D500 mm.
  Over 95% of our customers belong to the construction and industry branch in our country and abroad.
    Our future production started when a new diamond synthesis technology was developed in 2005. The first customers who benefitted from the quality of the products manufactured by this technology were Geo-Car from Bulgaria, Bulmarma AD from Bulgaria, Kirov AD, Tashev Galving OOD, to mention but a few.
  To the best of our knowledge products exceeding the specimens of ours have not been manufactured yet. A proof that our technology is unique is the drilling device which is 2 mm in diameter to work on natural granite and on artificial granite.
    Some 20 years ago I had an almost child dream to synthesize diamonds.  Like many Bulgarians at that time I worked not what I was trained for but drove a taxi cab.  The hardships of life made me realize that if I tried, one day my dream would come true. As I was waiting for customers, I imagined different makes of super-high pressure chambers.  It was long before I had a picture of the working device and then I prayed to God. . Shortly after I had an idea of a working chamber. I made a wood model to see how it would look like. As a second step I made a metal model.  After several unsuccessful attempts I designed a chamber of a hard alloy.

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